Teaching in SL

The community of open source developers for Moodle has been working on means to make the virtual environment, Second Life, more usefull as a teaching tool. Several tools are currently in development, including modules for conducting logged chat sessions between members in Second Life and those logged into a Moodle class; an SL quiz admininstrator; and a tool to allow blogging from within Second Life.

The Sloodle project has great potential, bringing together the strengths of the leading "virtual world" with one of the leading, open-source learning environments. Visit the project homepage for more information: Sloodle.org

IUP faculty working with Crimson Island are welcome enroll in Sloodle 101; this is a sandbox space for faculty. We can also support a limited number of requests for Moodle/Sloodle Classes on the IUPDHC server. Use this for exploratory purposes only. Consider this an "alpha" phase! No nightly secure backups etc. Visit the hill in front of the DHC building at Crimson Island to explore the Sloodle classroom interface on line.