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  • What else would you like to know about participatory technology?


  1. Podcasting Guide for K-12 Educators
  2. ACTFL 2007 Presentations on Audio and Video Podcasts in the Langauge Classroom (cache)
  3. Podcasts/ Blogs: Create a Blog to distribute audio podcasts:
  4. Create a Wiki:,, Mediawiki (requires server-side installation)
  5. Audacity (cache) - the free, open-source audio editor for PCs, Macs, and Linux.
  6. Gabcast - for using cell phones to record mp3 audio.
  7. Legal musicfor background and remixes Magnatunes and Creative Commons (cache).
  8. IUPDHC (cache)
  9. Remix Pedagogy (cache): Literary Practice and Literary Audio Podcasts, a presentation on Literary Podcasts by Kenneth Sherwood
  10. I-Cast . ORG (cache)

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