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Student Course Blogging Purpose

This is a survey for IUP students using Its purpose is to help instructors gauge the effectiveness of blogging in the classroom, and to help lead to improvements in the system. The questions seek feedback on your experience using the blogs as a writing and organizational tool as well as your satisfaction with the specific Moveable Type tool used. This survey is voluntary, anonymous, and the instructor has no information on individual responses.

Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.


Please make one response for each question.
Select "No Opinion" if the question is not applicable or if you cannot answer
Please take a moment to add additional comments for the final two questions. You may type approximately 150 words.

When completed, please "Submit Answers".
Ignore the Error Message!!!! You don't need a username! If you see the questions and click "Submit answers" they will go through. There is a bug in the system that mistakenly gives this message; your answers have been registered; there is no need to retake the survey! Thanks again.

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