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History: CompTesol-Podcasting

Preview of version: 1

21 June 2010

1. Listening

Sherwood and Pagnucci's Tech Talk (cache)
Additional Podcasts: samples; Summer 2010 IUP Students (cache)

2. Creating Original Content

  • Using a portable digital recorder
  • Audio formats: lossless .wav; lossy mp3
  • Test recording
  • Transferring audio files
  • Planning a podcast - choose interview or audio-essay format; casual or scripted, etc.
    • Prepare the interview of a classmate about teaching and technology
    • Or script an essay
  • Record the interview and/or essay
    • Quiet environment; quality microphone; close to source
    • Log the interview if you chose that
    • Script and record appropriate narration (at least an introduction and out-tro)

3. Audio Editing with Audacity (cache)

4. Distributing via Blog (RSS Feeds)

  • upload the MP3 file to ANY web server space
  • Install Wordpress Podcasting plugin (eg. Blubrry Podpress is being used on
  • Enter file and tagging information, post
  • Now the file can be "played" from the blog page OR users can enter the RSS feed into I-tunes and they'll receive your latest broadcasts.


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