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This area of the site will serve as a collaboration zone for faculty and advanced students working on center projects. We hope it will also develop as a general resource for digital study in the humanities. Please contact the directors for more information or visit the homepage at IUPDHC.org (cache)

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Recent Presentations, Documents, Workshops, and Workspaces


  • A workshop for students in the Composition and TESOL graduate program at IUP.


  • The ACPAC DR Committee is currently reviewing two open-source repositories - D-Space? and Fedora Commons. This is an IUP Library project, supported by IUP IT. The DHC may also play a collaborative roll.


  • Applied workshop on configuration, recording, and management of digital audio files; using Edirol R-09 and Itunes. 2008-10-31


  • A 2007-08 Tour of IUP Faculty Explorations in Teaching Technology. Presentation for the ACPAC Emerging Technology Action Team. 2008-05-01 - Laura Ferguson, Sean Mc Daniel, Gian Pagnucci, Dawn Smith - Sherwood, Kenneth Sherwood.


  • Wikis and Podcasts in the Language Classroom. Presentation for the IUP Spring Methodology Conference on Foreign Language Teaching, 2008-04-18 - Ken Sherwood & Dawn Smith - Sherwood


  • for IUP Emerging Technology Action Team, 2007-12-03 - Sherwood


  • at EAPSU, 2007-10-27

Open Web Publishing (cache): Blogs and Wikis.

  • Presentation for Technology Committee of the College of Health and Human Services, IUP. 2007-03-30 - Sherwood

IUP Web Logs (cache).

  • Presentation for Emerging Technologies Action Team, IUP ACPAC. 26 September 2006. link (cache)

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