Participatory Technology : Wikis and Podcasts in the Language Classroom
Presentation for the IUP Spring Methodology Conference on Foreign Language Teaching

Dr. Dawn Smith - Sherwood
IUP Spanish

Dr. Kenneth Sherwood
IUP English

Emerging Web 2.0 technologies allow teachers to go beyond the web's use as a fount of realia, to facilitate participatory learning. This session examines ways in which "wiki" and "podcast" technologies engage students and provide opportunities for creative production of language. Presenters will introduce teachers to models of classroom use, demonstrate the mechanics of setting up and using these tools, and engage participants in exploring how language students can produce their own "user-content."

Table of contents

Wikis - Part 1

What's a Wiki in 10 minutes or less

Wiki Use and Writing Proficiency

  1. Debbie Medglia
  2. Valle de los CaĆ­dos
  3. GAL
  4. Alejandro Lerroux
  5. WikiEditHistory
  6. La Bella Otero
  7. sufragio de la mujer
  8. Temas culturales
  9. Trabajo corto 1

Participant reflections

  • How could a wiki be incorporated into my lessons?
Please return written sheets to the presenters. Responses will be typed up and included here after the workshop: ParticipantWikiReflections?

Podcasts - Part 2

What's an audio Podcast in 10 minutes or less

Podcast Use and Oral Proficiency

Participant Reflection

  • How could an audio podcast be incorporated into my lessons?
Please return written sheets to the presenters; responses will be typed up and included here: ParticipantPodcastReflections?

Questions and Answers

  • What else would you like to know about participatory technology?


  1. Podcasting Guide for K-12 Educators
  2. ACTFL 2007 Presentations on Audio and Video Podcasts in the Langauge Classroom (cache)
  3. Podcasts/ Blogs: Create a Blog to distribute audio podcasts:
  4. Create a Wiki:,, Mediawiki (requires server-side installation)
  5. Audacity (cache) - the free, open-source audio editor for PCs, Macs, and Linux.
  6. Gabcast - for using cell phones to record mp3 audio.
  7. Legal musicfor background and remixes Magnatunes and Creative Commons (cache).
  8. IUPDHC (cache)
  9. Remix Pedagogy (cache): Literary Practice and Literary Audio Podcasts, a presentation on Literary Podcasts by Kenneth Sherwood
  10. I-Cast . ORG (cache)

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