Quick Reference for Editing (Wiki Syntax)

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Getting Started

Edit a page

login, click the edit button. Add your text and pay attention to the format codes that are already there, which you can reuse. If you were to open this page to edit, you'd see how the headings and subheadings are marked for example.

Create a new page

login, create a link, and the page is automatically created. How?
  • Edit a base page.
  • Add the title of the new page, between paired parentheses

  • Click the "?" to add content to the new page.
  • Save the Edit


Using Headers

levels one, two, and three for main sections
!Header One Text 

!!Header Two Text 

!!!Header Three Text

Bold Text

marking text with two pairs of underscores
__Bold This__

Italicize Text

marking text with two single quotation marks (apostrophes) before and after.



Working Example on Sherwood's site: ExactPageNameHere

((PageName|Hotword or Phrase Typed Here))

Hotword or Phrase Typed Here

[|Sherwood Web Home]  

Working example: Sherwood Web Home (cache)

Image Inclusion

You must be given permission by the administrator to upload new images to the wiki. What follows are instructions on how to link to an image already on the wiki, and on linking to an external image.

Fill in local addressname only of an image in your gallery (typically in the form below)
 {img src=file_name.php?id=1 }

 {img src=} 

Tip: Upload images edited to proper dimensions; it is possible to "crop" and "resize" in the wiki, but this presents a lower quality image. See Tikiwiki Documentation

Formating the image

Add any of these categories in the tag above, to crop or place it
 {img src= width=100 height=100 align=right desc=logo link= } 


Advanced Users

Wiki interfaces are designed to be simple. If you would like guidance on producing more sophisticated effects, please consult source: the documentation website (which is, of course, a group-created wiki).

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