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Welcome to EduTech Wiki

EduTech Wiki is about Educational Technology (instructional technology) and related fields and was built at TECFA - an educational technology research and teaching unit at University of Geneva.

Objectives - this wiki can be used as:

Some materials may be useful to teachers, instructional designers, e-learning consultants, etc. (but it's not the main purpose of this site).

Actually there are 730 articles on this wiki. There is also a french version with less but different contents. You also can visualize relationships in SVG (see the toolbox to your left or the special pages).

If you have questions, send a mail to Daniel K. Schneider (he "owns" this wiki and is to blame for most contents). Other major contributors are/were Kalli Benetos, Marielle Lange, Stéphane Lattion. We also get help from people out of cyberspace, thanx to you all !

Authors and status

  • For DKS, this Wiki is first of all a note taking and "mapping out" tool: Most articles lack content, depth, style, authority or all four together, however the idea is to gradually improve at least certain articles.
  • Anybody is welcome to participate, but please read the editing rules and the copyright notice. Note that you can sign your contributions and express opinions. This is not Wikipedia. We also very much appreciate people fixing little mistakes (spelling, grammar, references,...) !
  • University teachers may bring classes to EduTech Wiki for writing activities (please read this if you plan so).
  • If you are new to wiki technology, please browse through help and then make some tests in our SandBox.
  • Maintenance categories (find unfinished articles): under construction, stubs, incomplete.


  • March 2008: Upgrade to MW 1.12, more extensions added, e.g. "who is online", Graphviz, Edit Warning.
  • September 19 2007: Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.11, fixed SVGViz to work with this version, removed the Java visualization (it was getting too big), added "Print as PDF" and some more extensions.
  • What other say. Spent 2-3 hours on looking at links and Google statistics about this place - Daniel K. Schneider 17:43, 8 December 2007 (MET)
(old news)

Courses and workshops

Overview articles

(more to come)

The field
Learning and teaching
Instructional design


Learning and teaching
Instructional design
(e.g. XML, Flash, AS3, Multimedia, Web 2.0, Portalware)