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PraxisWiki: Stories of Digital Tool Use

Welcome to the Praxis Wiki. This space, fully described in the Kairos 10th anniversary edition article While You Were Out: Furnishing Digital Space for a New Decade has two main goals:

  1. To provide users with narratives written by teachers who are using new technologies in their digital and face-to-face classrooms.
  2. To offer innovative ideas for using established technologies in our classrooms.

This interactive wiki will build, over time, a rich assortment of narratives that highlight both the personal experience of contributors as they use various kinds of tools, and accurate, detailed descriptions of how instructors, authors, and researchers make use of these tools in support of their research projects and classroom pedagogies.

We are hoping to collect accounts of interactions with technology as they relate to a wide range of research and teaching (both within and outside of the discipline of Writing Studies or Computers & Composition). Those who contribute narratives are asked to not only describe their experiences with the specific technologies they are highlighting, but also to consider the larger implications of the tool or digital activity for their long-term teaching and research practices.

New Categories

Summer 2008: The Multi-User Virtual Environment

Our latest category for PraxisWiki is the multi-user virtual environment. With the increasing popularity of virtual worlds online, such technologies are being implemented in writing course curricula to create realistic contexts for composing -- spaces where students can role play and interact with audiences beyond the classroom. We are soliciting narratives that tell of multi-user virtual environments in the classroom, and we continue to invite submissions for existing categories listed on the Narrative Categories page.

Featured Narratives

Using Web-Based Course Tools

The first general topic for the PraxisWiki highlights the use of web-based course tools for teaching. The short narratives submitted on this topic deal with a range of such tools for various kinds of distance learning, including courses that meet face-to-face on an intermittent or regular schedule, and courses that meet only online. Contributors discuss classroom activities using both the more well-known course tools software packages, such as WebCT or Blackboard, or free software, such as Moodle. Featured Narratives...

Digital Scholarship

The second general topic for the PraxisWiki [New in Fall 2007] includes several texts that deal with the composition of "scholarly" work using digital technologies. Both of the current contributions for this section involve the use of Wikis as spaces for scholarly writing, but we'd also welcome additional texts that consider scholarly productions in using other tools and media as well. Featured Narratives...

Contributing to the PraxisWiki

We welcome narratives from any individuals in any field who are currently using (or planning to use) technology for courses that are writing intensive, or who use particular kinds of technolgies in their research (for collecting data, building knowledge, or composing scholarly texts). We are of course interested in the teaching of composition courses, but we are also interested in narratives from other disciplines and other types of courses, as well as in the use of technology for the practical aspects of research production. More...